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Web Development is a natural fit for me. It caters to my creative side, feeds my curiosity, and offers a wide range of opportunities. It's important to me that the work I am doing is leading to something bigger and better; I never want to feel stagnant. Outside of programming, I am a musician: SNIPERS!!, run a small record label: Sell The Heart Records, and I like to write about music: Showbams

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My Projects


As a Frontend Developer at Sqor, INC. I was tasked with daily maintenance and bug fixes along with styling updates as needed. Our web app was originally built using Backbone.js as it's core framework, but it was transitioned over to Angular.js during my time with the company. I also built UI tests for our web and native apps using Selenium Web Driver Frameworks, including Appium and Nightwatch.js. Other technologies used include: SASS, Gulp, jQuery, Susy Grid System

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My Github Followers

A project built using Meteor and React, this simple application allows a user to look up a Github username and retrieve the list of followers for that user. I enjoyed learning about the Meteor platform, and I am starting to really love working with React, as this is the first project I've built using that particular library. Technologies used: Meteor, React, Bootstrap.

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Sell The Heart Records Website

Part record label, part productions company, Sell The Heart Recrods was started by myself and a group of friends to try to elevate the local music scene and help out bands that we loved. 100+ shows and 9 album releases later, Sell The Heart Records is still giving back to the music community that gave us so much.

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Ever been in a new city and are unsure what food venues might be open? whutzOpen? is the solution for you. Simply click a pre-selected item and you'll be directed to a list and a map displaying it's location. This was the first fully fleshed out web application that I built. Technologies used: Node.js | Express.js | Passport.js | PostgreSQL | MapBox API | Foursquare API

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The Senator Accountability Project

A collaborative project, The Senator Accountability Project aims to provide up-to-date and relevant data on the current members of the United States Senate, to help keep voters informed when they go to cast their vote. For this project I worked alongside Samual Cabral and Sandra Stark, contributing to both the back-end and front-end. Technologies used: Ruby on Rails | PostgreSQL | New York Times API | GovTrack.us API | Chart.js

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Sqor Tech Blog

While working at Sqor, I was tasked with creating a custom tech blog for our team to use and update. After researching some technologies to use, it looked like the combination of Jekyll and Github Pages was a great option, so I paired those up with Materialize.js for the main styling framework, and away I went. Sadly, the tech blog did not get much use by the developer team, but I learned a lot in the process of building it. Technologies used: Jekyll, Github Pages, Materialize.js, Disqus, SASS

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Jquery Slot Machine

This was a technical challenge I was given during my interview process with the company Thumbtack. The goal was to create a Slot Machine that would provide a winner with a caffeinated beverage upon successful match up of three correct items. I opted to go with an old school video game look and feel. Technologies used: HTML5 | CSS3/Sass | jQuery

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Autocomplete Sans Plugins

The goal with this project was to create an functional autocomplete without the use of any pre-built autocomplete plugins. Leveraging the power of AJAX and using Regex, I was able to take the input from the form, and match it against the data provided in a JSON blob, which would yield the appropriate results in the dropdown. When clicked, the additional information of a particular item from the form will be added to a list of below the form. Technologies used: HTML5 | CSS3 | jQuery

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Flickr Lightbox

I wanted to sharpen my chops using APIs and using Object Oriented Programming with vanilla Javascript, so I made this app to build on those skills. On load, Flickr's public API is called, returning a set of photos, and the visitor can then click on a photo which will display the photo in a lightbox. When opened, you can scroll in either direction through the set of photos. Technologies used: Object Oriented Programming in Vanilla Javascript | Sass | Gulp | Flickr API

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